Essay on Abortion - a Woman's Choise

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“Abortion should remain a woman’s choice”

Roe Vs. Wade, the 1973 law which legalized abortion in America, is a very controversial topic and a cause of numerous debates amongst many. Roe vs. Wade made a few rulings with regard to abortion but in the gist abortion is legal in so far as it “…preserves the life or health of the mother” wherein “health” includes all factors physical, emotional, psychological and familial. It is my content that abortion should remain a woman’s choice. Many people argue that the fetus has a “right to live” regardless of the situation that lead to the conception of the fetus. A fetus is defined as a “developing mammal…after the embryonic stage and before birth”. While I agree that people should take responsibility for their actions and, if the beginning of pregnancy is a deliberate, irresponsible act the mother should bear the child and either raise it or give it up for adoption. However, what about the mother that is brutally raped? When a woman is pregnant she borrows her body to the fetus or, as defined earlier, developing human being. A pregnant woman carries the fetus in her body for about nine months. During the length of the pregnancy the woman’s uterus becomes the fetus’s living environment. In this living environment, a woman’s uterus, the fetus performs all of our own daily, bodily functions which include but are not limited to eating, excreting and so on. A woman’s physical appearance changes drastically as a result of pregnancy; the skin around her belly becomes stretched. Women, often times, gain weight during pregnancy which is not easily lost afterward. Women’s breasts become filled with milk and painful, the act of carrying a fetus is not always a pleasant experience, it entails many discomforts such a vomiting, frequent urges to urinate and so on. While, for the most part, women who become pregnant willingly are very okay with all of what a pregnancy entails why women or young girls that are pregnant as a result