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A Good Design of Animation Film
To make an animation film, we usually follow these steps: preproduction, play, scenario, art style settings, character settings, mid-production, film editing, synthesis and then completed. Things were unbelievable huge amount of work in the most beginning of animation history but nowadays are all so different. Although the commercial films update more and more frequently like fast food, the majority of people would like to pay for enjoying them. Commercial films always contain high technique design and luxurious visual effects, which provide novelty experiences of audio-visual enjoyment. They do really cool, for commercial purpose especially. However, I noticed that whether I enjoy an animation film or not, only the meaningful parts could remain in my mind, but not the technical aspects.
A good animation film may not need a long story. Instead, different from human acting films, it’s crucial to make an animation film short and simple enough to avoid any clichés, especially for 2D animation films. Regular films usually use 24 frames per-second form. Commercial animation films do so. But for 2D animation, animators usually make it less to reduce the work. However, 8-13 frames per-second at least is required to ensure the fluency. So animators have to accurate it to the decimal point incase to do it over again because any second was cut could be a huge waste of time and work.
Good stories can be told by any kinds of possibly ways. For example, sometimes directors may not follow the timeline; show the trace of a mystery by subtle details; or use metaphor to make implications. And a strongly emotion of deep longing may not be expressed with sorrow or happiness also may not be expressed only by laughing out loud. Daily report can he heard on the radio, so breaking rules may be more interesting. It doesn’t means to defend all of the conventional things. Instead, such as hand drawing or watercolor, these kinds of