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THAILAND – 4th – 12th February 2015
Orientation, pre-production, production, and post-production will all take place in Thailand between 4th February and 12th February 2015. Depending upon their home country, distance, and flight availability, participants may have to depart their home countries as early as the 2nd February, and may return home as late as the 14th February. You MUST be available for this entire period. If you are required to obtain a visa, you may need to be available during the week beforehand to complete visa requirements in your own country. If you are currently engaged in a course of study or are employed, please check that you are available during this period before applying.

We accept an applicant who is non-Thai university student or equivalence and currently studying in Films or related field from any country in the world. You will be asked to show samples of your previous film-making experience, but this will be judged on creativity rather than on sophistication. You must apply, as a team comprises two members. The organizational committee will select the teams based on completed entry forms and submissions. Also, you will be pair with a
Thai member to help you with languages barrier and production coordinate.


The short film shall be 5 – 7 minutes in length. It may be narrative, documentary, or experimental. Any narration/ conversation/ monologue/ dialogue has to be in English, or there should be subtitles in English or Thai.
The short film must base on the concept of promoting 12 provinces given in
Thailand which reflect the beauty, uniqueness character of the provinces as well as the culture, traditional of Thailand and Thai people.
Orientation, briefing, part of pre-production, and post-production will take place in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. However, in the true spirit of film explorers, we want applicants to visit and capture the atmosphere of the selected province in Thailand. You can choose the location and ONLY shoot at one province. Meet the 12 provinces as following;
1. Nan : A hidden gem of a province, Nan was once an independent kingdom and is now a refuge for travelers who wish to explore the natural beauty of northern Thailand and its rich cultural heritage in peace and tranquility. 2. Lampang : The charming city of horse drawn carriages and province with the king’s stable of white elephants at the Thailand Elephant Conservation
3. Loei : City of the Sea of Mountains, Coldest Place in Siam, and Beautiful
Flowers of Three Seasons
4. PHETCHABUN : A province of rich history and fertile soil, Petchabun is a province with great natural attractions; particularly its forested mountains and waterfall laden rivers that help create a climate that is cool and pleasurable nearly year round
5. Buriram : The city of sandstone sanctuaries, the land of volcanoes, beautiful silk, and rich culture.
6. Ratchaburi : The motto of Ratchaburi extols the natural beauty of its land and people, including caves, earthen jars, cultural arts, floating market, temples, and its beautiful and charming women.

7. SAMUT SONGKHRAM : Samut Songkhram literally means “war ocean” the city itself is fertile land, ripe with plants and crops, including numerous vegetables and fruits, as well as a vast variety of seafood products. It is also an interesting historical area, particularly during the early Ratanakosin period. 8. Chanthaburi : Famous for its abundance of tropical fruits and as a center for gem mining, the eastern province of Chanthaburi is also blessed with rich, verdant forests and scenic waterfalls. Quiet fishing villages and peaceful beaches are not far from town.
9. Trat : Thailand’s eastern-most province, This small province borders
Cambodia with the Khao Banthat mountain range forming a natural boundary between the two countries. With 52