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As you may or may not know, the use of recreational and medical cannabis is a very prominent and controversial issue in society today. Many slanderous claims have been made about cannabis throughout the history of Australia, however in this day and age we now have the truths to shift the opinion of the general public. The false statements about the drug began in the 1920's when the state of Victoria enacted a prohibition of cannabis in retaliation to then-current abuse of malicious drugs such as opium, morphine and heroin. Later on that decade the media in Australia began a shock campaign introducing the world to the word "marijuana", describing it as "an evil sex drug that maddens victims" and from then on, history as carried on the stigma well into the 2000's.

But before understanding the pro-legalisation point of view many of you may be asking yourselves 'Why should marijuana be legalized?' however the more open minded question you should be asking is why shouldn't it be? Now the most intimidating thought in relation to modern medicine is the concept of overdosing. Now, scientists employed by the US government have determined through experimentation on rodents that the lethal dose of marijuana is either one-third of your body weight or 680 kilograms consumed within the time span of 15 minutes. It is a big jump between estimations, but a human has yet to die from a marijuana overdose so scientists are still left uncertain. However as a teen weighing around 80 kilograms the former estimation would still have to be at least 27 kilograms in order to be lethal, while it takes as little as 1 milligram to feel intoxicated. Now comparing cannabis and water comparatively by weight, these statistics show us that an average human has more than double the chance from dying from over-hydrating themselves with water than they do from overdosing on cannabis.

Secondly, to shed more light on the previously mentioned cannabis shock campaign of the 1920's. The government described marijuana as been an evil sex drug that causes it's victims to behave like raving sex maniacs. But through further research on the primary drug found in cannabis "tetra-hydro-canna-bin-ol" or THC for short, shows that the psychoactive effects of the drug cause feelings of euphoria, well-being or relaxation, increased appreciation of humour and music (especially the distinction between components and instruments), increased appreciation of arts, enhanced recollection, increased realization of sensations and creativity. Clearly causing most people to become crazy evil sex freaks. However, the psychoactive effects in the drug have recently been used in the United States to subside feelings of nausea and vomiting, anorexia associated with AID and HIV and chronic pain associated with a variety of symptoms from arthritis to cancer.

My great-grandfather of 85 years of age was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, through his regularly treatments of various injections he regularly uses cannabis oil and vapour to subside pain and to stimulate cannabinoids causing anticarcinogenic and antitumor effects where in California medical marijuana has been legalised. I can genuinely say through personal experience that the effects from cannabis have eased his pain. This begs the question why is it that in 33 us states have approved the use of either recreational or medical use of cannabis and australia only just yesterday tony abbott approved the legalization of cannabis oil to help treat epileptic patients. Yet again Australia lags behind the rest of the world in foreign politics tantamount to their stances on marriage equality and renewable energy policies.

On the toss side of the coin, there are still many glass cannon theories people still use to protest the decriminalization of marijuana. Theories you may have been asking yourself such as:
It accounts for 75% of drug -related offences
While I don't debate this statement as being false I do believe people don't seem