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Interpersonal COM 2201: Self-Concept Essay

As we discussed as class we were all able to agree on the fact that it is for one, not easy to identify and truly understand who are you, what you have to offer, and how your self-concept has been influenced by your relationships. Through my process of investigating my own self-concept, it was not exactly the easiest task but in the end I was able to come up with three highly unique characteristics that none of my other class members possess. First being that I am a triplet, I have two other sisters one identical to me, the other fraternal. Second that I am a dancer, I have been dancing since I was three years old and was the only one out of my two other sisters that stuck with it. I do intend on dancing until the day I cannot moves my legs anymore. And lastly, I was born a New Yorker, I love being able to tell people that I am a die-hard New Yorker who loves the Night-life and partying in the city that never sleeps. Growing up as a triplet was most definitely awesome and dreadful at times, we all have 100% totally different personalities and perspectives about things which is pretty cool and unique but the one thing I was greatly appreciated with was never being judged and for them always having my back, like some sort of protectors. Throughout High School we were all in separate cliques, but towards the end of our High school experience we all ended up pretty close with some of the same friends and some that weren’t. I would be as my sister’s use to say “the preppy bitch”, my fraternal sister Taylor was in a relationship with this real douche for the most of her High School years which separated her from living it up throughout our high school experience, and Kelsi my identical triplet was in and out of cliques just as all of us were but out of the three of us the Kelsi was the most confident and the most self-assure with everything she does and says. Of course we all had our ups and downs fighting over who stole each other’s clothes, who took each other’s hairbrush etc... But our experience of being up each other’s asses 24/7 is what mad us all become as utterly strong as we are today as triplet sisters. One thing not only me and my sister’s but also our mother was blessed with is strength, and it has really made us all into who we are as the women we continue to grow into throughout our lifetime. Not only was our mother blessed with giving birth to triplets, but she also overcame Breast Cancer in March 2012, and is still undergoing a terrible most overwhelming divorce with our biological father. But to stop getting so emotional, dance, I absolutely love it. My favorite types of dance are Hip-Hop and Contemporary dance. I love being able to choreograph my own dance moves for not only myself but for the others around me who share the same passion. I dance to keep my sanity and it is a wonderful stress reliever I use to let my emotions flutter throughout the music instead of taking it out on other people. Dancing is for one, my