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This is me with another company. Because of the importance of the plant manager position, Dynamo Industries has used several expensive selection devices. These devices are detailed below. After a thorough recruitment effort (both within and outside the company) and some initial screening, the list of job candidates has been reduced to eight names. Exhibit 2 contains information on each of the eight candidates.

Dynamo Industries does not have an established philosophy for filling job openings. In the past, it has favored promotion from within the company. However, the Vice President of Production was hired externally. Dynamo has no policy on lateral transfers. In the recent past, such transfers have been rare. The key issue seems to be whether the company benefits from the transfer.

Exhibit 1
Plant Manager Job Description Written by the Vice President of Production

The plant manager (PM) is ultimately responsible for the operating efficiency of the entire plant. In fulfilling his/her responsibilities, the PM regularly consults with subordinate supervisory personnel (the PM frequently delegates duties). A plant manager must be somewhat knowledgeable of production methods and the capabilities of equipment. Some of the activities the plant manager is directly or indirectly involved in include:

1. procuring materials
2. maintaining the plant
3. controlling quality
4. using manpower
5. establishing budgets
6. revising production schedules because of equipment failure or operation problems
7. consulting with engineering personnel concerning the modification of machinery to improve production quantity, the quality of products, and employee safety
8. conducting hearings to resolve employee grievances
9. participating in union-management contract negotiations
10. ensuring safety
11. establishing community relations

Exhibit 2
Background Information on the Candidates

1. George Martin --- age 44. Education: B.A., University of Wisconsin; M.A. (Industrial Relations), Cornell University. He is plant manager of a relatively small (580 nonunion employees) plant (located in Cleveland) of one of Dynamo’s competitors. Martin has held that job for the past 6 years. He has been with that company for 14 years. No reference information was gathered because Martin was concerned about his present employer’s reaction.

2. Tony Caciopo --- age 59. Education: high school graduate. He is an assistant plant manager (Providence). Caciopo has been with Dynamo for 24 years. He has been assistant plant manager in Providence for the past 10 years. He had a severe heart attack four years ago but appears to have recovered. Ten years ago he was offered a job as plant manager by Dynamo but turned it down because of health problems his wife was having.

3. Kathy Joyce --- age 36. Education: B.A., Indiana University. She is currently plant manager of the Little Rock plant. She desires a lateral transfer because it would enhance job opportunities for her husband. Joyce has been with Dynamo for five years. She has been plant manager at Little Rock for 2 years.

4. Barry Fein --- age 49. Education: Associate Degree (2 years) from Morehead State University. Until 2 months ago, Fein was plant