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Said Sentence Models

Save this document to your desktop or flash drive. Then, for each of the sentences, create a version of your own that uses your own material, but mirrors the structure of the sentence. Write your sentence under the mode in place of the version in red. Bring this to class on Tuesday November 6th.

1. “Caught in a meager, anonymous space outside a drab Arab city, outside a refugee camp, outside the crushing time of one disaster after another, a wedding party stands, surprised, sad, slightly uncomfortable.” [Strategy: Describes the condition of the group in several ways before identifying who they are. Builds suspense and pathos. Each description gets more serious-drab Arab city, refugee camp, crushing time of one disaster after another. Repeats one significant word (in this case “outside”) in each of the phrases, creating music, rhythm, and setting up the topic of the essay: exile]

Something greater, greater than they are. The sculpture is greater than them but there is no limit.

2. “How rich our mutability, how easily we change (and are changed) from one thing to another, how unstable our place-[. . .] [Strategy: Similar to Anzaldúa. Uses anaphora, beginning a series of phrases with the same word (in this case “how.”) Again, you should probably use “they.”

How something may seem so far away, but it really isn’t far away… imagine.

3. “Exile is a series of portraits without names, without contexts.”