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Yesenia Pagan
1A. According to the reading the unique characteristic of cancer that makes it very difficult to detect early because nothing hurts and nothing is wrong with bodily functions.
1B. some of these tests include BSE, TSE, mammography, Colonoscopy, digital rectal exam of prostate, etc.
3. Cancer cells can migrate and metastasize from their site of origin by releasing a variety of enzymes that actually cause the digestion of local tissues. Eventually invading cancer cells come in contact with a nearby lymph and/or blood capillary and invade its wall.
4. The risk of waiting too long is there will be more lymph nodes that will harbor cancer cells. The more lymph nodes with cancer in them, the worse the prognosis will be for the person.
5A. Palliative surgery is performed to remove a tumor that is large enough to cause local pain and/or other clinical symptoms such as blockage of an intestine, etc. Palliative surgery relieves the immediate clinical problem and also decreases the tumor cell burden in the patient. 5B. If not successful it is good that you got surgery done because it can play a positive role in the success of the chemotherapy because the anti-cancer drugs now only have to kill thousands of cancer cells instead of billions and the level of HCG decreases.
6A. They destroy their specific cell cycle target regardless of whether the target exists in a normal or cancerous cell.
6B. Chemotherapy treatment uses a combination of drugs because cells in a