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Gaurav Masram
MS in Entertainment Business (Campus)
Full Sail University itsgaurav@fullsail.edu 23-November-2012

I am a skilled entertainment and media professional with a background of working in the global matrix organizations delivering media consulting, online media techniques & creative solutions, closely working with senior entertainment professional and business leaders, with high-end experience in digital marketing and film marketing. Also, a contributing columnist, cricket analyst& singer along with pursuing my masters in the entertainment business at full sail university. I am a management graduate (General Management) from NITIE (National Institute of Industrial Engineering), Mumbai and undergraduate in technology (Electrical & electronics) from NIT (National Institute of Technology), Calicut. A-year experience with a fortune-100 telecommunication company, where I handled sales and marketing responsibilities, put me into the limelight with my creative campaigning and online media marketing techniques. I held a position of the apprentice with various global companies: Sony Entertainment television, Wills lifestyle, Airtel, JWT and Ford motors. I started my endeavour in Hindi film industry, as a media specialist and adviser, for music album (Aa Bhi Jaa) and feature film (Ramaa- The Savior). Mentoring upcoming models/actors about online-offline reputation not only opened gates to solve the challenges clients face, but also pushed me to develop my own boundaries to meet the demands of dynamic film and fashion world. Dale Carnegie training institute (Mumbai) played a enormous responsibility to empower my presentation skills. During my role as a journalist, I came across various forms of print media and authored various national projects (Fashion/Film/Cricket), whilst project MIHAN got national acclaim. My summer and winter internship, both based on online brand marketing for First source Solutions and Auraley foods respectively, contributed to help my profile as an Internet marketing strategist. I worked as a text commentator at cricinfo.com (An ESPNSTAR company).The world of the content management not only developed my sense of humor, but also taught me to build a captive audience base with effective and focused content. Cinema portrays a larger than life status in India and is more than any religion. The art of film production and its business outlook always amazed me; this eventually gave birth to my goal to pursue films as a producer. My various experiences during my education and professional life some way or the other put me upfront to film and media business. I realized to become a successful film producer requires a formal education in the entertainment business. Before resigning from my high-profile job with Vodafone Global Business, I certainly did a lot of research about various films schools offering business program and decided upon Full sail. Fast paced curricula, course structure, alumni network, faculty and facilities along with post graduation employment opportunities was an inevitable part of decision-making. Full Sail's high technology online media library, doubled with active teaching techniques and platforms, keeps me current with industry. Moreover, it extends my learning curve, explores my untapped potential, and takes it to a new pinnacle. It only places me next to biggest talent pool attending different programs and provides freedom to become an active member of full sail community. Different assignment types, course material, Apple launch box and seminar lectures unfold my real talent, and equips me to take the role of an entertainment professional. I deeply appreciate that the full sail staff from different departments work hard to make my dream come true. I see myself a place with all my skills and capabilities to