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Plagiarism is a very serious problem. It is not only limited in the academic area and is increasingly happening in different areas of business world (Nitterhouse, 2003, p.215). The Martin, Rao, and Sloan’s paper (2009) also reveals the correlation between academic plagiarism and their potential future working behavior (pp.39~40).

Plagiarism is an issue of personal value, responsibility, integrity, self-control. Students’ attitudes toward plagiarism will have on-going and relevant effects on their future working behaviors in the business environment. If the students have plagiarizing behaviors during their academic study, they may be more likely to engage in plagiarizing behaviors when they enter into the business environment as this kind of attitude reflects their values and codes of conduct which guide their occupational performance. When studying Lawson’s survey in 2004 regarding students in business schools, Martin, et al. (2009) found that the survey revealed that students even believe “unethical behavior is required to advance careers” (p.40).

Plagiarism both in Academy and working environment is unethical and illegal. In business area, plagiarism could be copying other people’s (or other corporation’s) idea of new products or services, or publish books copying or paraphrasing other people’s work without any acknowledgement, or even directly take resources without changing contents when writing memo and reports during work, etc. These behaviors not only