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Nicholas Moreno
Adult Development

About Schmidt Movie Review
About Schmidt were a great movie but it left us on a cliffhanger at the end of the movie when Schmidt was crying about the picture that Ndugo had drawn of them two holding hands. It left thinking that he could be going either way in feeling of disparity or stagnation because he realized things he was not able to do with his own daughter because he chose to make sure he was successful at his job or maybe that he ended up fulfilling the feelings of ego integrity and generativity because he was able to make a impact on what he called his foster child. Its hard to answer if Schmidt was able to live out his feelings of generativity in his later years because of the way his daughter really showed the feeling of being distant toward him when her mother passed away because he always chose to focus on work instead of family. Although there was tension and distance between them, she still relied on him for money because he would take care of her and her husband financially. Although, he did not seem to pleased about having to take care of them financially I think his goal that he set out by concentrating on work throughout his life to take care of his family was accomplished.
I do believe that he tried to make up for much of what he wished he could have done with his daughter by making it up with Ndugo. I do think in the end when he was crying there was a sort of sadness but also at the same time there was a joy of happiness that he was able to make an impact in that young boys life. It felt as if he was finally able to fill the void that he was missing in his life since he felt that he was alone. Ndugo was able to restore the feelings of generativity and ego integrity for Schmidt. You were able to tell the feelings and pride that Schmidt had took in writing the letters to Ndugo he was able to vent all his frustrations as if that was the only person he could share his feelings with and he was also able to share stories and feelings of hope that Ndugo would be able to experience in his future.
After watching this movie I