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As the name suggests, we’re a team of writers, artists, and consultants who partner on some really cool and challenging projects. We find that combining our expertise and capabilities helps clients achieve objectives more quickly and easily. And they’re impressed.
We team up with creative partner, Michael Sanborn, for graphic design, formatting, publishing, branding, and editing. Michael, who believes Zues is his father, is a talented teacher at Full Sail University, writer, animator, and illustrator of short stories, business manuals, film treatments, screenplays, and children’s stories, who pours himself into two great passions: visual arts and the written word.
With a fine tooth comb, Connie Culler, Ph.D and former Marketing guru for WDW and Orange Lake and Writing Instructor for FullSail University, partners to develop, write, edit, and proofread marketing and training materials for Word Paper Scissors. Connie is known for her sharp eye, wit, and pencil (and yes, sometimes tongue.).
Donna is our Administrator; keeper of all things important like stamps, invoices, and bills. She’s also a thought partner in designing large-scale simulations, and brings contemporary connections to our tweets since she’s the only one who keeps up with reality TV and talk shows.
Mark is our business director and lead consultant. He’s a U.K. citizen living in Tennessee, and has done business in every country but 3, so knows his global Ps & Qs. He