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1. Must use 3 words from the vocab list: Similarities and Differences-Highlight
2. Must use a minimum of 2 introductory participle phrases- Highlight
3. Correct use of literary terminology from Greek drama.

Only one character from Antigone Written by Sophocles Translated by Dudley Fitts & Robert Fitzgerald can be the true tragic hero, either Antigone herself or Creon the ruler of Thebes. Many have traits that fit the definition of tragic hero but one demonstrates it more than the other. One may feel they have defeated themselves and also each of them; Creon and Antigone have heroic characteristics. Comparably Antigone and Creon, Creon fits the role of tragic hero by eventually by the end knowing what he did was wrong and would want to take it back.

Although Creon thinks he is an “above average” person by being a king makes him more fit for the tragic hero part he has more power which differentiates him from Antigone. “All My Life long I have been a kind of butt for the dull arrows of doddering fortunetellers!’(Scene 5,41-45). Nothing shows that Creon is a very powerful figure than going against every person that tries and leads him in the right direction. Creon feels that any decisions he makes by himself will be the right one no matter how far he goes with his punishments. “Leave me with my foolish plan; I am not afraid of the danger; If It means death”(Prologue, 86-88).Antigone will do whatever she can do for her family in every way she can, going against Creon was not going through her head while trying to bury her brother, she did not care what he thought of it. While not caring about what Creon thought, she has not thinking about her people and how her actions would affect them and there punishments in the further future. Creon is a greater fit for being the tragic hero because he has more freedom of decision and more power.
Similarly to Antigone, Creon makes false judgments that lead them to consequences as stated before. “Lead me away I have been rash and foolish, I have killed my son and wife I look for comfort: my comfort lies here dead” (Exodus, 143-145). Creon himself did not think of the consequences behind his actions, but when it finally came to him and the killing of his sons and wife he finally realized what he has done. Even though it was too late for him to save his family now he can change for the better and change is a good quality to have in a tragic hero. “Think death less than a friend? This death of mine is of no importance, but if I had left my brother lying in death unburied, I should have suffered, now I do not” (Scene 2, 77-81).Antigone feels that she was thinking of her brother and his comfort and her family, when it comes down to it she was thinking about herself and how she would feel better that she buried her brother. Like said before Antigone did not have her people in mind while