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Rashad Hassan Core 101 Nicholas 9/27/14

Above The Rim There're six seconds left in the game we are down by two points. My chest is pounding, I hear the crowd screaming I filter out all the distractions. The ball is inbounded and I come around the screen and my sweaty palms catch the ball. I felt butterflies in my stomach, complete nervousness I jump and shoot and get shoved while I’m in the air, the gym was in complete silence while the ball was in the air, and you could hear a pin drop. The ball hit and bounced around the rim three times then falls out as the buzzer goes off and I watched the opposing team celebrate victory. My heart sank to my stomach I was in incredible disbelief and pain, and however I knew I had a chance to be good at the game of basketball.
Basketball represents the person that I am it has taught me many different things life. Basketball was introduced to me at the age of seven, through the years I have grown a desire to play the sport and ache for greater competition. I loved developing my game because “There’s no such thing as overnight success” and I had nothing else to do but to play basketball, I spent countless hours in my backyard or at the gym. When I began playing better competition and watching LeBron James dominate the NBA my love and passion for the game became exemplary. The game of basketball has taught me life lessons like perseverance, preparation, and composure. One life lesson that the game of basketball has taught me is perseverance. There have been numerous days when basketball becomes exhausting, difficult, and extremely frustrating, however I think positive, keep my confidence, and stay dedicated. In the real world, life will throw the most difficult and challenging things at you and I have to find a way to persevere. In high school, we lost to our rival school T.C Williams by 18 points our coach did not speak to us after the game was over. The next day at practice, I walk inside the gym and see red flags on the door. My coach was enraged after my teammates and I were laughing about the flags on the door; he told us "no one is leaving basketball practice until everyone vomits." We ran for about three hours, I couldn't feel my legs anymore my practice jersey had sweat and vomit stains everywhere I felt like I was in sauna, the backboard and windows had fogged up. The assistant coaches begged and pleaded for us to stop, but we kept running. Even though we kept running my teammates and I knew this was an obstacle that we would have to overcome; we pushed and encouraged each other and most of all we persevered. We stayed determined when times get difficult and achieve success.
All athletes have one thing in common; we all practice to prepare for the game. The second life lesson that the game of basketball has taught me is preparation. Endless hours in the gym and weight room to separate the good and mediocre. Basketball taught me to prepare physically and mentally, physically because I must be in great shape to play game and mentally because I have keep my mind positive and have mental fitness, it’s more important to be mentally prepared because you must have the right mindset to train and visualize greatness as well as reaching their potential. When I was ten years old I used show up to skip practice or show up late because I thought it was a waste of time. I played in a game after skipping a week of practice and it was the worst game I've ever played my performance was an abomination. I had more turnovers than points, while I was sobbing at the end of the bench and my coach came up to me and said “Prepare for every game like it’s your last". At the time I did not understand the message, as I matured I began to practice and prepare with significant intensity which made games easier for me. Being prepared taught me how to be consistent and has given me confidence and an outstanding work ethic. Basketball has also taught me