Above the Law Essay

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Above the Law: An Executive’s Double Standard – Fraudulent Use of Corporate Funds
Traditionally, the positive image of a company or a brand is very important in the contemporary world. As a result, the question of morality of each individual working within an organization is of a paramount importance. In such a situation there should be no exceptions from the rule and executives could not be in a privileged position. This is the desirable ideal many companies strive to achieve at least in a public eye. However, the reality turns to be quite different from what is expected and the analyzed case of an executive’s double standard is just another evidence of the fact that the real life is so complicated that the common rules, including moral
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As a result, it is quite normal that he is in two minds.
On analyzing, the situation with Troy Sozuko and related investigation and actions of Matt Thompson, the president and naturally Jack, it is possible to estimate that the case discussed reveals a profound crisis that affected practically all levels of the company. Obviously, BMI has already started the struggle against frauds and the example of the punished employee supports this statement. At the same time, the fact that such attention is paid not only to legal but also to moral and ethical behavior of people working within the corporation indicate at the understanding of the executives of the gravity of the existing problem.
On the other hand, it is worthy to note that the solution of the problem of frauds can be hardly found in the corporation until double standard exists. In fact, it is not difficult to presume that there would be no investigation if the ethics officer, Matt, were not personally affected by the plans of Troy. Practically, it means that Matt, in actuality, is not much better than Troy. Moreover, it is even possible to presuppose that cases similar to Troy’s one are quite common, judging from the calm reaction of Matt.
Naturally, it is possible to suggest different solutions of the problem of fraudulent use of corporative funds be the executive but it is obvious that the real problem is double standard that exists within the corporation. It means that it is possible, for instance, to simply