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Abraham Cruz
Dr. L. Vartanian
Psychology 1: General Psychology
14 April 2015

Depression is one of the most common psychological problem that can be caused by stress, personal loss, traumatic experiences, or imbalances in the brain. The major depression disorder is said to affect every 1 in 10 human beings. Un-motivational thoughts, stress, loneliness, sadness, or being upset can lead to depression. I agree due to the fact that many people go through emotional states due to personal problems.
Depression can affect everyone whether it’s one episode or many that they have. Women are more likely to experience depression due to the fact women are more ruminative, they tend to think about life a lot which can get them in such a depressive mood, on the other hand, when men get stressed they turn to violence to help them heal. It is true that both men and women get depressed, but women are more likely to keep thinking negative thoughts in which that case will keep lowering their self-esteem. Women are also more subjected to fluctuating hormone levels especially during a pregnancy. Women’s hormones can rise and fall irregularly within time.
Personal losses, traumatic events, stress and negative thoughts are also a big cause of depression. When people go through personal losses they tend to shut out the world. They don’t care about anything anymore other than what they lost, they tend to feel hopeless. Traumatic events will never leave one’s mind, causing them to lose sleep and their appetite. Stress leads to loss of energy or consuming drugs to take away all the problems for a while. Negative thoughts can lead to suicidal thoughts and harshly criticizing yourself for perceived faults and mistakes. These symptoms are the reason why depression is one of the most common psychological problem with many people around the world. It is a fact that depression does not only affect you but also affects the people that care for you.
They’re three types of depression levels: manic depression, mild depression, and major depression. Manic depression is also known as bipolar disorder, in which the occurrences of mood swings tend to happen over short periods of time. It can include impulsive behavior, little sleep, and rapid speech which will probably last about two weeks. Mild depression also known as dysthymia is a type of depression that comes and goes. Having mild depression will feel like if you’ve been depressed all your life. Major depression can take away the