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Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln Herbst 4/22/2015 Mrs.Tupmann English8

Many people have made conversation over Lincoln’s death disputing on if Booth and his followers had plotted to commit the horrendous crime or if Booth acted alone. Many historians believe that Booth was not alone however, due to the notes that were found on his dead body and just the plain hate of the remaining confederate sympathizers that assisted Booth throughout his entire plan. I personally believe myself that there was a conspiracy to kill Lincoln, to wipe out everyone that had political power in the North to try to avenge the fallen South.
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Abraham Lincoln
By: Lincoln Herbst Abraham Lincoln was and still is one of the greatest American heroes. Even with his humble beginnings he became the most historically revered president the nation has ever seen. Through his honesty, determination, and uncompromised integrity he led a country through defining times. The following is a brief overview of the events that shaped the man that changed history. On February 12, 1809 the 16th president of the United States was born in a log cabin in Hardin County, KY. Born to uneducated farmers, it is unlikely that his father and mother, Thomas Nancy Hanks Lincoln, had any idea that their first born son would someday be the President of the United States of America. Abraham Lincoln was named for his grandfather who had died at the hands of the Indians. Abraham’s father was highly respected in the Kentucky community. He was a devout Baptist that was out-spoken in all areas he felt conviction. No issue received more passion from his father than that of slavery. His father was anti-slavery, and he instilled this core belief in young Abraham as well. It was these humble beginnings that shaped Abe into the man known for his integrity, magnetic personality, and strong desire to learn. In 1816, when Abraham was only seven years old the family moved to Spencer County, Indiana. It is believed that a combination of Thomas's refusal to support slavery and in increasing amount of debt led to the family leaving Abraham's birthplace. Sadly, young Abraham Lincoln endured the loss. The traumatic loss of his mother to 'milk sickness' was hard for the family. Fortunately for Abe, his father remarried a woman named Sarah Bush Johnston. She was a dynamic woman and Abraham became very fond of her. Abraham Lincoln’s education consisted of only 18 months of schooling throughout his early life and it was mostly from itinerant teachers. The lack of formal education did not stop young Abe from thirsting for knowledge. He was an avid reader and borrowed books from neighbors at every opportunity. Although he was skilled with an axe, many people, especially his father, thought Abraham may have been doing all this reading to avoid manual labor. In 1830 the family moved to Illinois. Abe helped his father build a new log cabin, clear land and plant crops. Tragically though, by the end of the year all of Abe’s family had passed on. Abraham Lincoln made the monumental decision to leave all he knew behind and set off to make his own way in the world. The study of law appealed to Abe. However, his minimal education was a stumbling block and many law schools turned him down. Never one to give up, Lincoln did finally successfully get his law degree. Abraham began his own small firm in Springfield, Illinois. It was in Springfield that on November 4, 1842, Abraham Lincoln married Mary Todd at her sister Elizabeth’s home. The newlyweds moved into a log cabin near Abraham’s law firm where they started their family. They had four children: Robert Todd Lincoln (1843-1926), Edward Baker Lincoln (1846-1850), William Wallace Lincoln (1853-1862), and Thomas Lincoln (1856-1871). The untimely deaths of their children put Mary and Abraham into a state of complete and utter sorrow. Only one of the four