Abraham Lincoln: A Heroic Figure In American History

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A hero is an individual that has the courage to help others in needs. I define a hero as an individual that put others before themselves. In defining a hero, anyone can be a hero. Also, heroes can be folks that care about their communities by committing time and effort giving back to the public. Moreover, heroes are average person that dedicating their lives in assisting others in needs. Heroism is ordinary people that devoting their time to help one in needs and give them strength to go through life’s obstacles.

For instance, others define the concept of heroism as particularly individual in public servant type of careers; such as police officers, and firefighters. This is spot-on because police officers and firefighters are a dangerous type of careers because they don’t have
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He was an outstanding leader that led this great nation in time of a divided nation. Mr. Lincoln abolished slavery, and his legacy was a deep personal and political courage. “With a focused sense of justice and a great respect for the mandates of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, Lincoln came to embrace freedom for the enslaved, and his Emancipation Proclamation led the way for the Thirteenth Amendment, which abolished slavery. Lincoln's legacy as a hero and secular saint was secured when his life ended by assassination as the Civil War was drawing to a close touching on Lincoln's humor and his quest for independence, justice, and equality. The path Lincoln took to becoming a great leader and an American hero, showing readers why his heroism is still relevant. True heroes, argues, are successful not just by the standards of their own time but also through achievements that transcend their own eras and resonate throughout history--with their words and actions living on in our minds, if we are imaginative, and in our actions, if we are