Abraham Lincoln and Hard Work Essays

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Lincoln Review
I personally love this movie, “Lincoln” The movie carried three powerful themes that I feel carried the story to a deep and appreciative standing. They are Lincolns’ deep understanding of human nature that portrayed his belief that good always triumphs over evil. His persistence to pass the 13th amendment provided the theme and the hard work that always pays off from his fierce politics. The themes stated are very prevalent in this film, and carry a deep meaning which I apply to this day.
Abraham Lincoln only had roughly one year of formal education but his great awareness of human nature, that true good will always triumph over evil, was very prevalent in his calm self-confident nature, which was present throughout the entire film. As displayed in the first scenes of the film, when approached by two black soldiers thanking him for his support in abolishing slavery but then questioning his motives as to why? Lincoln presented a very calm and collected response that showed his deep understanding of the greater good, and motivated his men to carry on. This theme gave his men hope to continue. As the film progressed, he continued to show his understanding in the good nature of men, by messaging his opponents’ egos or challenging their principles in a public standing, he was able to bring out the best of everyone around him. This recurring theme of true good triumphing over evil was able to inspire my hope to true good nature of men and women around me. It is with this understanding that I am able to manage the fierce politics of life.
The personal and political politics was amazing. As the support for the war began to shift, and the passing of the 13th Amendment lost public interests, the theme of hard work will always pay off was amplified after Lincolns’ secretary of state William Seward stated that he could either end the war or end slavery, but he could not do both. With the odds stacked against him, he puts in the