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Abraham Lincoln had created a plan for reconstruction that was opposed by Congress. His plan was based on the idea that the states never really seceded from the Union, and therefore they should not necessarily be "punished." It included two major provisions:
1.Pardons of Southerners who participated in the war if they took an oath of allegiance to the United States.
2.Readmission of a state if 10% of white voters in that state took the oath of allegiance to the United States, and it created a new government that guaranteed the end of slavery.

When Lincoln was assassinated, his successor, Andrew Johnson, decided to adopt Lincoln's plan. He not only pardoned all Southerners who took the oath except for a few key Confederate leaders, he also recognized the state governments of four states that Lincoln had created and appointed temporary governors for the other Southern states. Great strides were made towards reconstruction by the end of 1865 as only one Southern state had not set up a new government that abolished slavery.


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