Abraham Lincoln Hardships

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The Hardships of Abraham Lincoln
By Damon Stewart “Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.”said John Quincy Adams. Abraham Lincoln went through hardships and he persevered through them. One of them is the death of his love and some of his family, a second is that he suffered through inferiority, and third he was the president during the worst war in American history. First, he lost his love and some of his family. His mom died when he was nine and later his sister, Sara died in childbirth. When his love, Ann Rutledge died at the age of 22 he married Mary Todd. Kazantoday.com says, “Of his and Mary Todd Lincoln’s four sons, two died as children during Lincoln’s lifetime, each
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Lincoln suffered inferiority for two reasons. One his looks and two his lack of education. Kazantoday.com says,“Lincoln suffered from inferiority from his lack of formal education which ended with a partial year of grade school. He was often confronted by men from aristocratic families; those men having the best formal education money could buy, while he was self-taught” ( Kazan, Pg. 1). This means that Lincoln persevered through bullies and his father’s criticism. He thought his looks was horrible because people told him so. Kazantoday.com says,”Lincoln also suffered from inferiority over his appearance, which was mocked as being terribly ugly by some writers and political cartoonists among others. Some saw him as being gorilla like, while some others saw him as uneducated and ignorant, just a country bumpkin way out of his league in national politics”(Kazan, Pg. 1). This means that he was bullied. He persevered and didn’t let them bother them.
Third, Abraham Lincoln was the president during the worst war in American history. Abraham Lincoln had to make decisions did not want to. He chose to stop slavery. It says in the 14th amendment to the constitution,” All men are created equal”. This means slavery was not supposed to happen. In between the lines that meant everyone slave or not was equal. Abraham Lincoln had to persevere through it and to stop slavery.
In conclusion, Abraham Lincoln went through hardships and he persevered