Essay about Abraham Lincoln, a Celebrated Figure in American History

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Miketta Robinson
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April 12, 2013
Abraham Lincoln Essay Final Draft
Abraham Lincoln is one of the most celebrated figures in American history. Lincoln was well aware of his short standards as a leader. He didn’t just discuss his role as a president. He discussed it as also being a commander-in-chief at the end of the Civil War. (“LINCOLN, Abraham”) Also he was a representative who is from Illinois and born in Hardin County on February 12, 1809. In 1816 he attended a log-cabin school. When Lincoln became the 16th president he required enough literacy to sign his name but gained prosperity as a carpenter and farmer in Kentucky and in 1816 of December Lincoln moved to the state of Indiana. (“Abraham Lincoln”) the traditions he moved is because of slavery. He knew that they belonged to a Baptist denomination that has been broken. When Lincoln was elected as president in 1860, seven slave states left the Union. Also four more joined when there was conflict between the North and South. It was a bloody Civil War. The war lasted more than for tears with a loss of 600,000 people. (“Abraham Lincoln”)
The reason that Lincoln has so much hatred against slavery is mostly because of his parents. They always needed help from him on the farm and he had very minimum of time to do things. He kept his Union intact and restored only to die as the war was ending. (“Abraham- Lincoln”) Lincoln got caught up taking over slavery in a speech at Springfield. He attacked the compromises because of the questions that were asked of the slavery. It messed up the democratic ideals containing the Declaration of Independence. (“Abraham Lincoln”) After what was said during the speech about the slavery, in 1855 he tried to become a Senator but he failed at it. He realized his sentiments were leading him away. In 1856 he became a Republican; he knew he was coming towards the Republican Party that’s why he took the job. He was known as moderate opponent of slavery who knew he could win a challenge against anyone. (“Abraham Lincoln”)
Abraham Lincoln took over slavery, he wanted to take control of black and white people and everything he did effected on the war. He basically had hatred against slavery, chattel slavery which denied to slaves the “fruits of their labor” (“Lincoln, Abraham”) As Lincoln was growing up he got everything from his father, Thomas Lincoln. He had hatred against chattel slavery when his