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Abrianna Villarreal
May 7, 2015
P. 4
Mrs. Seward The penny has established itself as a historical identity as well as an effective form of currency. Many people, however, have contested the legitimacy of this precious metal. This contest is based on nothing shy of angst, or perhaps bored politicians with nothing better to lead their focuses on but removing a somewhat cherished piece of American history. The penny should be kept in circulation and production for several reasons, among which being that there is no major reason for it not to.
Aside from no probable reason, the penny stills hold value in terms of money. Today, people are ignorant and “fling pennies into the trash…thinking they’re mucky and worthless.” (Source B). Although the penny has so little of value, one penny can turn into thousands and add up to hundreds or even more when cashed in. To this day, there are those who save and collect their pennies to cash them in at the bank or change machines. So little of a value can turn into so much more when saved and cherished. Instead of throwing these precious metals on the floor, one should learn to collect and save them up for larger currency in return.
Continuing in the idea that the penny matters, we are not the only country in which some of our citizens think small currency is useful. Countries like that of “Britain, Canada, Japan, and the US… remains in production and shares similar percentages of total coins produced in those countries.” (Source D). The penny is not only “important to our pricing system”, but still important to contrasting countries and their production.
If anything, the penny holds American culture as well as history within its…