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Global business and management Critical Analysis, Learning Reflection and Application to Practice paper (4-6 single space pages, upload to the Sakai Assignment folder by 10pm Jan. 14th, 2014)
The primary focus of this paper is an analysis of the important lessons and insights contained within articles and readings on global business and global management that were assigned for the pre-departure session. First, you should perform a critical analysis of these articles to extract what you consider to be their key insights about the nature of global business and being a global manager. key insights about the nature of global business and being a global manager
In today’s world it’s tough to find a singular definition of any word. To define globalization in simple terms would be just as hard. According to Merriam Webster, “the development of an increasingly integrated global economy marked especially by free trade, free flow of capital, and the tapping of cheaper foreign labor markets”. International companies looks to benefit everyone’s who contributes global business while providing assistances to countries and society at the expense of others. The phenomenon known as globalization integrates economics, culture, and politics providing countless benefits to society.
In America globalization has become the central of timeless subject matters from everyone to business leaders to common working people. We are seeing the interchange of thousands of companies internationally known favorable of globalization locations for investments and expanding their brand. Ireland, known for it’s favorable tax and government benefits houses many top American brand name companies. Ireland is amongst the top countries for doing business. Having visited a number of Forbes top 500 companies and from the pre-departure readings I have some understanding and knowledge of the realm of globalization. But why has over 500 top firms migrated to Dublin, Ireland. With over 32,000 employees making it the largest across the board in growth contributing to over 1.9 trillion dollars in fund sector. Besides the low corporate tax rate, low cost, talent, time zone, location, infrastructure, tax and government support the quality of people and pool of talent not to forget resources have all attracted top companies. For the first time I can say pre-class preparation reading were strongly helpful. Pre-departure readings assigned provided an in-depth look into the configuration and foundation of globalization business practices identifying the why and how.
The readings not only explained theories and facts behind the “Why”, but also the core business fundamentals, and tools fundamentals looked-for in going global and organizations purpose for going international. Each article held their own karma sutra of business practices, the importance of business and technology gathering at a global level and the high-demand for cross-cultural well-experienced managers. More importantly, what I extracted from articles such as “Developing your global know how’s”, “Join the Global Elite”, “The Transformation of Business”, “The art of developing truly global leaders” and “Strategy & Society: The Link Between Competitive Advantage and Corporate Social Responsibility is the significance of international business; the importance of globalization and digitation connecting.
With the rate of international expansion and the pressure to tap into the global market companies are seeing pressure from rivals and consumers to stay ahead. In order for companies to stay ahead of the curve innovation is required. With education and untapped knowledge located all over the world going global in many cases is the only way. The foundation of global business is simple. Globalization is all about minimizing cost and refining modernization. The article, “Creating Advocates”, touched on a very significant value based approached used by 21st century companies known as SEER (Social, Ethical &