Absence Make-Up Assignment

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- Absence Make-Up Assignment

Students missing any class session or activity scheduled or assigned for any class session will be required to complete and submit a makeup assignment for the time missed.
See the professor for the specific make-up assignment for the week missed.

Make up assignments are to be completed within two weeks of the absence, unless an extension is cleared with the professor and the GSM director. Make-up work will be evaluated as designated below. Failure to complete the work at an acceptable level will result in a one-letter reduction of the final course module grade for each event. Please follow the instructions below for absence make-up.
Paper title: Journal Reading Reports
Topic: Refer to the legend below to determine the topic / course content for the week that you missed.
Length: 4-6 pages, plus title page and References page
Writing style: third person; APA citation format
Instructions: Research three articles from three different scholarly journals on designated topics listed below for the session missed. Your paper should include:
Paragraph that introduces your topic
Brief description, major concepts and conclusions of first journal article
Brief description, major concepts and conclusions of second journal article
Brief description, major concepts and conclusions of third journal article
Synthesis and evaluation of the three articles based on our text reading, class discussions, and your personal experience (This section should comprise approximately half of your paper’s content.)
One or two paragraphs that include demonstrated