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Absent Dads

A lot of kids these days don’t get the pleasure of growing up with both parents. Too many kids are raised without their father and that puts a lot of pressure on the mother. Growing up with out their dads around creates emptiness only a dad can fill. It can also cause many different effects on the child. It’s not fair for children to have to grow up with just one parent they deserve to have both parents present.
Too many young mothers are left to raise their child on their own because of absent dads.
It puts a great amount of pressure on them. Some face financial problems witch just adds stress.
It’s not fair to them neither the child because it take two to make a child. So there should be two present raising the child. Once a mother is left to raise the child on her own her life becomes just that. Everything she does in some kind of way will be benefiting her child. Sometimes the mother will usually have to work two different jobs to support her and her child. In between that she may also attend school to further her education so she can retain a better paying job.
Some kids who don’t get the opportunity to have their dad in their life grow up with emptiness that only a dad can fill. Most kids being raised by a single mother hunger for love and affection from their dad. This may cause them to get attach to other father figures like a role model or older relatives that’s in their life. Their trying to replace that emptiness with something or somebody that would make them feels as if they do have a dad. That’s ok but sometimes the person they choose to look up to may not be the right/positive/respectful kind of person. They really wouldn’t care if he was or not as long as they feel as if they care for them and maybe love them as they father would their fine.

There are many different effects on a child when the father is not in their life. One of the main effects is depression. A child may think it’s their fault that their father is not in their life.
Also just the child not having that fatherly love