Essay on Absenteeism in the Workplace

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This paper will discuss and assess the Human Resource issue of absenteeism in the workplace. Specifically this paper will research the policies of Insight Technology, Inc. and determine the effectiveness and infectiveness of certain polices. This paper will also discuss the effect that absenteeism has on the company. Few people realize that there are positives to absenteeism in the workplace. The positives that come from absenteeism include relief from stress caused by work, and allow other employees to become more well-rounded and the present employees will gain experience from taking over the absentee’s workload also known as job rotation. The negatives that come from absenteeism include less pay to employees, loss of
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Step back and attempt to understand the reason for the employee’s absence. If there is a bigger problem at hand then the employer needs to have an understanding and be able to deal with it appropriately. Other options include incentive programs and termination if necessary.
For this specific company there are many different approaches that could be a possible to help this company with the high absenteeism rate. Insight Technology, Inc. has attempted and failed at blackout dates, which are dates that an employee cannot take off without good reason. These blackout dates have not been determined because it requires manager approval and agreement. There are four managers in this company, to determine these dates each manager must agree on these blackout dates which is nearly impossible to agree on a time to meet and dates to blackout. If the company can get this policy in place with specific dates then this will help the rate go down quite a bit.
The next way to best approach the absenteeism problem is to clearly lay out policy and consequence of this issue. To begin, management must review the original policy on absenteeism. After reviewing this manual it is important to make any changes, including blackout dates, so that the policy is as up to date as possible. Once the updates are made Human Resources must then stress and go over the policies with the employees and help them to understand what is in violation and what the