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Facebook is one of many social networking sites created to keep friends in touch. Over the course of time Facebook has changed a lot. Facebook also is used by a number of businesses, organizations, and groups. Facebook has some positive and negative qualities replacing a lot of different websites with all of its many different things available to the consumer.
From a privacy perspective Facebook would deter a lot of people from wanting to establish an account. You really do not have a lot of privacy on social networking sites to begin with. And with Facebook many people post different pictures, and update their status to say what they are doing and where they are at every hour on the hour. If the user has not set up their privacy settings to establish who is able to view their profile their page is made available to anyone with access to Facebook. However, if the privacy settings are established for only friends to be able to view their profile then the profile is made available to only their Facebook friends. There are so many dangers to having your daily activities and routines available on the internet in the hands of the wrong person. I personally prefer the privacy of having my profile only available to my Facebook family and friends. Therefore, only my family and friends are able to view my photos as well as my status updates. I still have not come to terms with letting my Facebook friends know where I am every time I make a move every hour on the hour.
Facebook has really evolved and come a long way. Being a small business owner myself I found that Facebook offers free advertising for my business. There are numerous businesses that use Facebook as a marketing and advertising tool to market and advertise their businesses. This is a free service to help promote their business or even a specific organizations use it as well. All the person has to do is set up a profile for their business befriending lots of people and go from there. Also now on Facebook you can do what is called check-in and let people know where you are. A lot of people use that feature, but I personally find that what is the point of telling all of my Facebook friends where I am every time I change locations. I would call that too much information. However, it is good advertising tool for businesses when a person does a check-in on Facebook, and some even post about their experience at the location.
No matter where a person is in the world they can stay connected with family and friends through Facebook to keep them informed on what going on in their lives. You are able to see real time when a picture is posted. For instance, someone posts a photo their child scoring the goal winning shot of a basketball game. At that moment they have allowed all of their family and friends to share in their excitement, and perhaps someone that is missing the game could feel like they are there. A person can also communicate via email messages and even through instant chat on Facebook. Facebook also allows family and friends to send and receive pictures. If someone is unsure of how that old classmate looks 20 years later they can take to Facebook and in most cases there would be a picture of that person.
Facebook has its good uses but with the good also comes the bad. Some people use Facebook for all of its intents and purposes; whereas, there are others that use it for the wrong reasons. For example, Facebook is used in some cases for bullying amongst adults as well as children. Cyber bullying is one of the newest bullying tactics, and Facebook is used a great deal to facilitate the cyber bullying. Girls as well as guys have Facebook posting fights going back and forward about something that was probably stupid to begin with. Facebook is also used in the wrong way for people to gossip amongst each other. Gossip pages on Facebook where someone post updates on gossip even exist. There is always an immature crowd somewhere so this starts drama from the