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Absolut Vodka Absolut Vodka is an alcoholic beverage that was introduced to the public in 1879 and currently has many different flavors of vodka out there. There latest ad was the “Greyhound” ad which aired in 2012 during the super bowl. This ad was created by Absolut that teamed up with the director Spike Jonse and the band Swedish House Mafia to create a futuristic ad that is based on a drink called the “Greyhound” that uses Absolut Vodka as the main ingredient. The ad is set in a dessert scene that uses futuristic robotic greyhounds controlled by a trio of dj like charecters that use digital suits and dj boards. These dj’s are a symbol of the Swedish House Mafia which is also a trio of 3 guys that created the song. The greyhounds are locked in a heated race to to see who will come out as the winner as the spectators watch from a distance. The spectators are a group of people dressed up in futuristic fashionable outfits that resemble something that you would see from the Hunger Games movie. These spectators are standing from a distance watching the race all while partying and having a good time drinking the signature “Greyhound” drink that uses Absolut Vodka. There is a butler that is waking around the spectators offering and mixing up this signature drink for them to enjoy. They aired this ad during the Super Bowl in order to convince people to buy their product, they used the futuristic scene to catch the attention of the viewer and the interest of that viewer to send out a message through a video. The message was that Absolut Vodka is the latest and best vodka out on the market today, and that they are leading the way in innovative production.

They aired their product during the Super Bowl of 2012 because most of the people in the United States either watch this epic once a year game to see the