Absolute Monarchy Dbq Essay

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Title Absolute monarchy was a period of time in Europe, where rulers wanted total power, to be above the law as they consider themselves as a divine power. Absolutism began around the 1500 century after the fall of The Roman Empire. Both rulers and subjects had different perspectives of what an absolute monarchy should be like, in a sense that lower class people were ruled depending on the perspective of the monarch as some of them suffered from unfair ruling, rights violations and heavy while some had a guiding figure stand firmly for them. Right violation was such a common thing for ruler, that it was believed that in order for a country to succeed the monarch was required to control all actions of their subjects , such as to have spies …show more content…
Just as Arthur Young , English agronomist states that the lower class people had to pay heavy taxes while the nobility and clergy were exempted (Doc 5). Young had a clear view and understanding of the situation in France, as he saw how those in misery were being victims of their tyrant and unfair rulers and no one questioning them. Another case of heavy taxation in Europe is brought by a report on the “Commision of Inquiry into the Conditions of the Peasants of Bohemia” which shows how the peasants are the sole taxpayers (Doc 4). The report described the Kingdom of Bohemia as a “statue” that is about to collapse as its pedestal has been taken away, meaning those that peasants have no protection from higher authorities. Although unlike many countries in Europe who were ruled by selfishness and tyranny, Frederick II of Prussia believed in the complete opposite. Frederick II wanted the monarch and its people to be united and to form a single body (Doc 1). His views of an absolute monarchy differed from the views of other monarchs as he believed that sovereignty stands with the people and that they both need each other in order to be