Absolute Rage Essay

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Sophmore English

Absolute Rage
Robert K. Tanenbaum

1). The stories setting is during the summer time in west Virginia. The setting is important because this is where the stories climax takes place, and the way the government is ran in west Virginia may be different than other countries which could of changed this stories setting dramatically. Also since it was in the summer time it was easy for Lucy to pack the boys up all of a sudden, and go to west Virginia since they don't have school.
2.) The stores point of view is 3rd person limited. " Lucy was flustered, rather than shocked,since it had never occurred to her that anyone could find her delicious."(181) The point of view is important because since there are so many characters in this story it helps the reader understand everyones perspective of things.
3.) Protagonist- Marlene because she appears in the story the most and if it wasn't for her she probably wouldn't have tried to save the mentally disordered man who is framed for murders, which is what the whole story is based upon, which is what allows her to drive the action of the story.
Antagonist- Franky because he framed an innocent mentally disordered man of committing a murder, which caused a lot of problems for the protagonist since they had to look for the real killers of this case since Marlenes husband, Butch was the mentally disordered mans prosecutor.
Butch- Since he is Marlenes, the protagonist, husband, and helped to support the innocent disordered man, and find the real murderer of the crime.
Bo Cade- He helped lead Marlene to find out who killed George Floyd, and helped answer a lot of questions about the murder.
Lucy- She was the first to interview Bo Cade, and helped with the case.
Mose- The innocent mentally disordered man who was convicted of murder.
4.) The author helped describe the protagonist directly in this quote, "She wore a small, blue-striped bikini, although she was rather mature for a bikini- late thirties, early forties."(4) This shows that even though she was an adult, she wasn't ashamed to still wear a bikini and that she was still in good shape for being of an older age. The author described the protagonist indirectly in this quote, "Marlene was surprised and touched by the way the brother and sister hugged."(102) This shows that Marlene was very compassionate towards others and really felt for the siblings since the brother was in jail and didn't really understand why because of his mental disorder.
5.) The main conflict for this story is finding out who killed George Floyd and the Heeney Family, to prove Moses innocence since they know he didn't do commit the crime.
6.) The turning point of the novel is when Lucy talks to Bo Cade and he admits who committed the murder.
7.) The resolution of this novel is when Mose is founded innocent and Frankie is killed for killing 42 people, and his "group" is getting put into jail for being involved for these crimes.
8.) The theme for this story is you will never succeed against the government. "Killing people is so easy that the iron laws of supply and demand make it hard to earn a decent living doing it. As a result, murder for hire is almost always a sideline, and the people who engage in it are by and large stupid losers, quickly cause, and quicker still to rat out the idiots who hired them."(1) This quote shows that you may get away with murder for a little bit, but in the end you will eventually be founded guilty, especially if you have a lot of guys to help you with your crimes, there is bound to be someone who will tell on you.
9.) "'Mose tell me: Do you know why you're in here?" "Yes'm. On account of I kilt those folks." "Yes, but you really didn't kill them, did you?" "Sheriff says I did. On account of those…