Absolutism and Constitutionalism Essay

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1. Why did monarchs in the late 16th/early 17th centuries need new sources of income?
Why did monarchs wish to get their income without the permission of the nobility?
2. Explain the role that each of the following played in the failure of England achieving absolutism, as well as the success of the French:
England France
· Religion - Religion
· Parliament/Tradition - Estates General
· Personalities of Leaders - Personalities of Leaders
· Trust of Nobility - Trust of nobility 3. Henry IV came to the throne and helped to end
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Scots rose in 1639 against Charles' introduction of the English Prayer Book into Scotland, the anti-royalist London merchants encouraged the invading Scots to capture Newcastle. This they did in 1640, totally disrupting the export of coal. The Scottish army remained in Newcastle for a year and charged the Corporation a regular fee for billeting its troops. 1640 - Short Parliament= sat from 13 April to 5 May 1640 during the reign of King Charles 1 of England and called “short” because it only lasted 3 weeks. He was forced to call the Short Parliament primarily to obtain money to finance his military struggle with Scotland in the Bishops’ War. -Long Parliament= established to pass financial bills. It received its name from the fact that through an Act of Parliament, it could be dissolved only with the agreement of the members and those members did not agree to its dissolution until after the English Civil War and at the end of interregnum in 1660. 1641 -Grand Remonstrance= a list of grievances presented to King Charles I by English Parliament on 1 December 1641, but passed by the House of Commons on the 22nd of November 1641, during the Long Parliament; it was one of the chief events which were to precipitate the English Civil