Absoulute Poverty Is A Big Issue That We Face In Our Society Today Essay

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Beatrice pacheco
Absolute poverty is a big issue that we face in our society today. There are probably a lot of things that would go into a category that would actually label someone into that category. Like singer stated AP could be categorized as not having food, shelter, sanitation, clothing and other necessity’s. Would this be considered AP? I believe that these are the major necessities in life, if we don’t have this then we are not living a normal life, well at least not what a lot of other people are. Life without these necessities is very hard, especially when there are children in these families. Ap is a worldwide issue and I believe that if we all do just a little to help these people our world and there life would be so much different. In this essay I will be explaining different point of views of AP and what our society is doing to help. In the first paragraph I will be discussing issues as to what we all can do to help AP. In the second paragraph I will be stating ways on how our society labels areas of AP. In the third paragraph I will be discussing issues as to why we think AP begins in the first place. AP has been happening in our society for many centuries and it will probably continue to happen until someone does something about it to end it. I do believe that anyone is capable of doing something for someone and preventing people from starving and dying of hunger, or diseases that these people are prone to getting. Living in AP puts a lot of those people at risk for getting serious diseases, diseases that can cause death. Being far away from having proper sanitation and not having the proper health care minimizes their chances of survival. A lot of the time these people don’t have permanent jobs that offer them the possibility to have private insurance through their employment. There is a lot of people that do work minimum wage jobs or part time jobs but are still not able to get their family’s out of AP, because the little money they make is barely enough for them to make ends meet for a couple of days or maybe even for that day. There probably are a lot of instances where AP leads to a lot of deaths, deaths that are caused because of starvation and poor health care. I think that if our economy were to get better AP and people living in poverty would actually be able to live a better life. Offering a lot more jobs is one of the best ways to get family’s going and on the right track again. Hopefully these jobs are paid pretty well so that they are able to support their family’s. Most of the AP is usually set out in certain places and usually those places are labeled. Labeled so that pretty much everyone is aware of the hardships that people go through on a daily basis. In a way having those places labeled helps others locate these places easier so that help is able to reach these people in need. A lot of the time these places are all they can afford and usually they are not equipped with all the amenities that are required for a normal life. The people in poverty are usually classified in the lowest category of the social class. They are usually