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Question: Discuss the different methods of corporate governance of several countries
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This study introduces corporate governance due to the fundamental importance to an ever-evolving globalised society. There are many different structure and system across the world. This paper highlights different methods of corporate governance across varies countries such as the United Kingdom, United States, France, Germany, South Korea, Japan and China. It also discusses the different factors such as political, economical, social, technological and legislative. The finding shows many differences in corporate governance structure due to industries and structure of the economy.
The rationale to this project is the interest in the legal framework on corporate governance. Since, the interaction between countries has created borderless and frequent cross boundaries of corporate regulations due to the corporation being operated in several countries. There are 97 million Google search results for corporate governance. This shows the importance of corporate governance.
Corporate governance has come recently more important due to many developments of multinational corporations and public corporations in which influences our daily lives. Many stakeholders are being influence by the company’s decision. It encompasses the direction in which the company is going to and provides a safeguard to the failure of the company. For example, the UK government has bailout and nationalized banks in Halifax, Lloyds TSB, and RBS. (Telegraph, 2008) This may have been a failure of corporate governance. Corporate governance is the “system of rules, practices and process by which a company is directed and controlled” (Oxford University Press, 2014).
The financial crisis has caused thousands of job loss has been in order to mitigate of the company. Shareholders are making a loss and devaluation for their stock evaluation. According to Trickier (2012), there are also many changes in corporate governance due to the financial crisis 2007 in which Lehman Brothers, Enron, and Fannie Mae. This has created Sarbanes- Oxley Act in the US and Switzerland binding the vote of shareholders and the payment to executives. The target of this is to deliver success to create a sustainable business environment. There is also a clearer sign of roles with the help of corporate governance.
In December 1992, the Cadbury Report highlights the aspect of financial reporting, accountability, and increase in corporate governance. Good governance can significantly change the ability of the board to achieve long-term objectives (Financial Reporting Council, 2014).
A occurrence of a Korean a family structured business conglomerate Daewoo group committed corporate fraud of book manipulation of over 9.8 trillion won (New York Times, 2006). Another example is during this fiscal year Chey Tae-Won chairman of SK, which also manipulated amount of 45.1 billion, won under his authority (Financial Times, 2014). This shows the importance of corporate governance can be also required in the presence in Asia.
The research in corporate governance across different countries is prominent due to many multinational corporations and interactions with international markets. The comparison between different countries can show an understanding the strength and weaknesses of a country’s corporate governance system.
Literature Review
The review of literature in this project, the use of textbook guide such as