Abstract: Experiment and Background Research Essay

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Science Fair. UGA International Science & Engineering Fair Link
Complete Form 1B (All Members of the Team)
Complete a Log Book (All Members of the Team)
Complete Form 1A (Only 1 per Project) The most important part of Form 1A is highlighted below. Be sure to provide detailed information for part C.
Complete the Rules Wizard for all relevant forms for your project. Be sure to complete the Risk Assessment Form for all projects (County Requirement)
Abstract Completed
Student Poster Template

All of the above must be completed by October 10th, 2014.
The experiment must be completed and the results of the final project reported by 11/7/14.
Research Paper and Final Electronic Submission completed by November 17th, 2014.
2. Research paper: Should include each of the following labeled sections:

Title Page & Table of Contents

a) Defining the problem (paragraph minimum)
b) Background research: Review published materials related to your problem or question. A minimum of 10 sources must be used, and 5 must be non-internet sources. Background research should be 2-4 pages long.
c) Stating the hypothesis (closing paragraph): Close the introduction section by summarizing your main research leading to the development of your hypothesis. The closing sentence should be your hypothesis. Be sure your hypothesis is correctly worded by showing the groups and variables in a clear, concise, testable statement.

Experimental Design:
a) In a paragraph or two, summarize or describe how your experiment will be designed. Clearly state (or list) what the control and experimental groups are, what the independent variable and dependent variables are, and as many important constants as you can think of.
b) Procedure: describe your procedure in step-by-step detail. The procedure should include instructions on how to build any apparatus or equipment used in your experiment. The procedure should be a numbered list that is clear and concise, easy enough for someone to follow to repeat your experiment. You must include at least three trials, but more is recommended as it increases the validity of your results.

a) Data tables: Include all pertinent tables from your experiment. Be sure to include a data table title above the table and a short description or explanation of the data underneath. b) Graphs: translate all of your tables into graphs. Try to quantify all of your results and create line graphs if possible. Be sure to title all of your graphs above the graphs, label the axes (using units) and include a short description or explanation for each graph.

Conclusions: Use this section to answer the following four things: a paragraph or two should be used to address all four concluding topics: a) What was your hypothesis and was it supported or not? What data supported it and which didn’t?
b) Using background research and knowledge you gained throughout the experiment, describe why you got the results you did.
c) Describe any errors that occurred throughout the experiment, even if they are small and seem insignificant. It will NOT be a deduction from your grade if errors were made, but if they are not