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The purpose of this experiment was to make brownies for athletes who need additional protein each day. By replacing the flour with whey protein powder, the sensory characteristics were evaluated. The experiment was conducted at Ouachita Baptist University and consisted of baking 4 batches of brownies with slightly different ingredients. The first was the control batch, all the ingredients were that of a regular brownie consisting of the regular amount of flour and sugar. The next batch had all the same ingredients as the control except the 80 grams of flour was replaced with 56 grams of flour and 24 grams of whey protein which would be the equivalent of a 70% flour 30% protein ratio. The third batch was all of the same ingredients as the control except 24 grams of flour and 56 grams of protein, which would be the equivalent of a 30% flour 70% protein ratio. The fourth and final batch of brownies had all of the same ingredients as the control but 80 grams of protein in place of the original 80 grams of flour, making it a 100% protein ratio. The control batch had to bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes. The second batch which was 70% flour 30% protein baked at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for only thirty minutes because it baked faster than expected. The third batch which was 30% flour 70% protein baked at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for thirty minutes as well. The last batch which was 100% protein baked at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 25 minutes. The results indicated that 63.6% of the taste panel preferred the control batch, 27.3% preferred the batch with the ratio of 70% flour and 30% protein, 9% preferred the batch with 30% flour and 70% protein, and 0% preferred the batch with 100% protein. Although the variations were enjoyed by 36% of the taste panel, the original recipe was preferred by over half of the taste testers.


The purpose of this experiment is to anaylze sensory evaluations of brownies prepared with whey protein powder substitutes. A random sample of 22 college-aged males and females were selected as a taste panel to taste and score the brownies using a sensory score card questionnaire. The taste testing was held at the nutirtion and dietetics kitchen of Oauchita Baptist University on March 6th 2015 at 9am-11am. The tasters evualted four different variations of brownies using the score card questionnaire as a reference for color, surface, thickness of cell walls, cell size, sweetness, flavor, after taste, and dryness. The evaulations were completely voluntary and annonymous.


A written score card questionnaire (Appendix A) was formulated to analyze the sensory characteristics of brownies with a substitution of whey protein powder for flour. Eight characteristics were evaluated using a rating system for four variations of brownies. One brownie was a control, which followed a regular brownie recipe and had 80 grams of flour. The other three brownies had variations of flour and whey protein. One of them had 56 grams of flour and 24 grams of whey protein (70/30 ratio), the next 24 grams of flour and 56 grams of protein (30/70 ratio) , and the last 80 grams of protein (100 ratio). Using quantitative anaylsis, the sensory characteristics were anaylzed for quantative informative data. The ingredients needed for the experiment included 160 grams of Great Value All purpose-flour, 160 grams of Bodylogix Natural Whey protein powder, 4 sticks of Great Value unsalted butter, 1 dozen eggs, 32 oz Baker’s semi-sweet chocolate, 1 cup Great Value light-brown sugar, 3 cups Great Value white granulated sugar, 1 tsp. Great Value salt, 4 tsp. Vanilla extract, and 8 Tbsp. Hershey’s unsweeted cocao powder. The materials needed to conduct the experiment included 4 (8x8) foil pans, 22 paper plates, 1 large mixing bowl, 1 medium sized mixing bowl, 1 whisk, 1 silicion mixing spatula, 1 tsp, 1/4 tsp, 1 Tbsp, paper towels, 1 digital scale, 2 gas ovens, 1 bottle of olive oil spray,…