Abstract: International Trade and Valuable Marketing Tool Essay

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Peniel Edorh
• International trade can be primarily described as the act of exchanging goods, services and capital across different nations (Lane, M. H. (2008). The foreign markets provide a vast market for goods and services, and the trade is crucial in improving international relations between the trading parties. In this article, we focus on how better infrastructure and the use of the internet will improve the efficiency of the international trade. Certain export problems such as delay in delivery, high costs due to transport mishaps may not be solved by the internet, but a good infrastructure can solve the problems. The internet is to be used as a valuable marketing tool to link the buyers and manufacturers in the separate countries through websites. Transactions across the internet will also be quicker and highly efficient. • The export market has had many problems that may lead to the trading parties incurring enormous losses. Poor infrastructure has made the transportation of goods quite unbearable. The perishable goods go bad along the way, some shipments are not able to be reach in time causing dissatisfaction among the customers, and the end result is the trading companies incurring losses that were otherwise preventable. Everybody is now using the internet. Just by having a phone at hand, a lot of transaction can be done. Advertising over the internet is also cheaper and will ultimately reach a larger market within a…