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The article is named New Hubs Arise to Serve “Just in Case” Distribution, written by Matt Hudgins. It is mainly talked about that many companies have changed from just in time style to just in case management style in case of storms and other unexpected events. Retailers and logistics companies are adding more distribution hubs.

The author uses many examples and quotes from interviews to support his viewpoints. One is from Ranger Steel, the largest privately owned steel company. It just expanded its network of distribution centers. Matt quote from the vice president that the reason is transportation is very expansive now. Another is from Tim Feemaster, the senior managing director at Dallas branch of Newmark Grubb Knight Frank, which is a real estate company. He said “The closer to the customer that a company can transport its goods in bulk, the greater the efficiency and cost savings.” All these examples and quotes appropriate support Matt’s methodology.

The author thinks that the just in case style is a pretty good way to make the supply chain management more efficiency and effective. The just in case also brings benefits to other industries like real estate and constructions as a result of building more distribution center. With adding more distribution hubs it can reduce the chance of inventory shortage affected by supply chain disruption, reduced transportation costs, and cover the shortages of just in time supply chain style.

The article implicates many areas in marketing and logistics. First, Supply chain plays an important role no matter in what industry. Every link in supply chain is equally important. Companies should prepare well