Legislations, Guideliness And Procedures Of Safeguarding Children In The UK

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Currents legislations, guidelines and procedures of safeguarding children in the UK are written by Every Child Matters policy. Every Child Matters was established by the Children Act 2004. Every child matters states that every child should; * Be Healthy * Stay safe * Enjoy and achieve * Make a positive contribution * Achieve economic well-being
There are many laws that childcare practitioners have to follow. In my nursery to protect all children everything is writing down dated and signed by all members of staff to ensure the safety of children is top and stops allegations to practitioners. Safeguarding laws have been set up to ensure all nurseries and childcare settings safe guard children and create a primary trust. The children’s act 2004 states that all childcare settings must contain databases containing information’s for all areas of safety for children such as; nappy changed, toilet routines, the changing of clothes. There are also procedures when it comes to employing childcare workers, such as all practitioners must have a CRB in order to work with children alone and change children, when getting a CRB it only shows if the persons broke the law before getting the CRB, but there is now something that can tell you if they have broken the law since then called vetting and barring scheme, which protects the children and workers.
Safeguarding is not only protecting children from direct abuse is protecting them from accidents, crime and bullying, forced marriages and promoting welfare in a healthy and safe environment. Accidents in my nursery we follow the procedure of, attending the child’s accidents and injurers and comforting that child once dealing with this, we will fill out our company’s accident from which has, child’s full name, date of birth, current address, where the accident took place, what action was taking, who witnessed the accident, full name of the person who took charge on first aid of this child, their signature and managements. In my nursery we follow anti bulling laws, these laws state that children should be protected from harm and bullying, if any child is being bullied we confront this and end it soon as we are informed, we also ensure the child that is being bullied feels comfortable with our actions. When a child is missing it is always important to follow your nurseries policy’s on what routine to follow, my nursery says we should ask if any members or staff or children have seen the child and look if the child has still not been found then inform the police and the parents and let the police search from there on. Promoting welfare in a healthy environment, it is very important it recognises is the child is being abused or neglected, in my nursery we promote a caring, safe positive environment for all children.
My day to day work is affected by the currents policies and procedures because, everything I do within my setting have some kind of law of policy in order for me to take it out. Weather it may be cleaning or taking part in an activity. My day to procedure starts as coming into work and playing with the children which involves heath a safety to ensure those toys are safe and will not harm the children in anyway, then it will be breakfast or fruit which has food hygiene procedures such as not giving the children dirty cutlery ensure all equipment we use and the children use is clean and safe nothing that will harm them. Then it will be a messy play or physical play activity which either way means you interacting the children and ensuring there is 2 members of staff at all time and the room is kept in ratio, while these activities are being carried out I will change nappies and take the children that are toilet training to the toilet, when doing this we make sure a member of staff can see both me and the child to ensure safety for both me and the child, we will ensure that all doors in the room are