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True Love, True Reality
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“Why do people die?” I thought to myself while sitting in the funeral crying and all “How can someone you love so much just magically be gone.”
“Were all gathered here today to send our respect and in regards to the valuable life ended to soon.” The priest announced to the emotional crowd at the funeral.
As I begin to rest my head down, I hear loud screams from my father. He was hurting mother again, I was kind of use to it. It was kind of like it filled him to impairment her. I hate that about him.
“Were all going to grandma’s for dinner” father said in a very enthusiastic voice.
We arrived to grandma’s house then the grown people begin to talk about such a guy my father is. If only they knew what type of man he really is but I didn’t get involved in their conversation, I knew only trouble would come out of that. We leave and enter the car; the abysmal began again, when it will ever rest.
“Hi darling, how are you all doing?” my grandma said on the phone with my mom, as I pick up the other line and begin to listen.
“Same as any other day, the kids are in the room playing and mister out putting something up for work.” my mother said in a – but – voice.
“Oh well that good. You’re so lucky to have such a man. If only all men were made like him.” grandma said
“I sure am your right. If only all men were made like him…” my mother said in a – voice “He’s back home I’ll call you back later on.” my mother said in a hurry.
“Stop, what are you doing?” my mom said anxious to dad, as Jessica and I peeked over the corner with a fear I’ve never felt.
I hated when dad drunk that nasty drink, we weren’t allowed to drink it they always said it’s only for grown folks. When he drunk that stuff he would have an enormous amount of