Abuse Of Power In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Drew Bethke
Of Mice and Men
During the 1920’s and even today people continue to showoff, abuse and override others with there power. During John Steinbeck’s novel three characters stood out by taking advantage of their control. Curley's wife abused her power by picking on Crooks and the other men in the barn because she has more power over them and intimidates them. She frightens the men due to her supperiority on the farm. Likewise, Crooks the crippled African American takes advantage of Lennie. He gains advantage over Lennie because he has a disability and Crooks isn’t used to power. George told the reader in the novel that he had abused his power against Lennie once, but most of the time George uses his influences to keep Lennie out of harms way. John Steinbeck’ Of Mice and Men George, Curley wife and crooks find ways throughout the novel to abuse their power.

In this book there are examples of evil and noble ways of using your power
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George uses his power for moral and protects Lennie from evil. In the novel George uses his power for ethical uses, but Curley’s wife routinely uses her power because she is the boss’s son’s wife. Curley’s wife is displayed as a white powerful women and she uses her control to abuse people that are less than her, Like Crooks. Lastly, Crooks uses his power control to pick on Lennie because he is always picked on due to his race. So he finally takes his opportunity to feel more powerful. Abuse of power in this book because it demonstrates to the reader that there are people that can either use it for moral or evil. The novel was written during the great depressions and the hardships he witnessed. He wrote this book to demonstrate the abuse of power he saw others use against others. This idea relates to today because we still see examples of this abuse popping up. From blacks to whites and wealthy to poor. The question is will it ever