Academia and Topic Sentence Par. Essay

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Intro Par – Introduce websites that support business applications and software.. Than introduce oracle than for the thesis talk about their applications.
First Par – Introduce, what they do, history.. what else they do about oracle applications
Second Par- Discuss one category of software/applications and describe it.
Third Par – Discuss a diff category of software/applications and describe it.
Fourth Par – Discuss last category of software/app and describe it.
Final Par – Conclude websites that support business and software… How oracle is successful (Software/app)

Introduction Sentence – Stories do not just entertain; yet they give insight and teach readers lessons.
Thesis Statement – The Fall of the House of Usher has been a favorite among academics and scholars of Poe’s work because of its creativity, vagueness and lessons taught about fear.
Topic Sentence Par. 1- The narrator receives a letter from his long-time mysterious friend to come and visit him at his abandoned house.
Topic Sentence Par. 2 – The creativeness of The Fall of the House of Usher is a huge reason why this story is favorite among academics and scholars.
Topic Sentence Par. 3 – Not just creativity, but the utter vagueness of the story also supports why it is favorite among scholars and academics.
Topic Sentence Par. 4- When analyzed, The Fall of the House Usher teaches a very interesting lesson. It teaches how fear can manifest the outcomes that people dread or even paralyze and