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Academic Biography
I have no hesitation in remembering who my favorite teacher is. In the middle of 2003, my family made a huge transition from the small town of Beckley, West Virginia, to the big city of West Palm Beach, Florida. I was so scared to move here because I had no idea what to expect. My third grade teacher, Mrs. Saldarriaga, treated me like her child when I first entered her classroom. She knew how nervous I was and the transition from changing schools in the middle of the year. She helped me out with school and just life in general. I could talk to her about anything. And to this very day, when I get the chance, I still go back to my elementary school and visit her and see that picture of her and I from 2003 on her desk. My other favorite teacher is Ms. Mandell (who actually attends USF now). She was my English teacher sophomore and junior year, and more than just a teacher to me, she was a best friend that I could run and tell anything to. Whenever something happened, bad or good, I walked in her class and told her. The environment in her class was so relaxed and chill and we could talk about pretty much anything.
I always did well in science courses (biology, anatomy and physiology, etc.) because I could understand those classes. I knew I've always wanted to be a doctor so those classes just made sense for my career goal. The one subject I absolutely despise is math. Some people can be naturally good at math and they understand it, I however, was not that type. I never did poorly in math, but it was a struggle. It never made any sense to me and I didn't understand why we needed to learn it. It's one of those subjects that I have to constantly study for.
In high school I was involved with many different clubs and I gained a huge group of friends as a result. So I definitely would like to continue that in college. I like being active in my community because it gives me something to do and I honestly love doing it. I hope to join HOSA, PSA, and MSA.
My study habits in high school weren’t as stable as my study habits now. Back in high school, if I did poorly on a test, there were so many opportunities to bring that grade up. But in college, tests count for a much higher percentage, so I definitely work harder in studying for them. I admit that I procrastinated a lot in high school, and I got away with good grades, but in college, I know it doesn’t work that way. Right now, I write down every single thing I need to do on a day-by-day basis. That helps me a lot because when I cross off something that I've accomplished, I feel much better and it motivates me to finish everything on the list.
My parents have always been my inspiration for everything, including my career choice. My parents are both doctors and I loved going to work