Academic Degree and National Retail Federation Essay

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Personal & Professional Growth
December 15, 2014

Critical Thinking Case Study
This report will reflect the beginning of the University Phoenix journey personally and professionally, how the role of learning and personal growing development had meaning. It will also reflect about problem-solving, the development of communication skills and information collaboration as well as career goals. Through the evaluation section this report will express how the program learning courses help with personal growth through specific study programs. Two specific core courses will be identified as having the greatest effect on the program for this student.
A recommendation of how the program may be able to improve will be in this section. In the analysis section, this report will offer an expression of feelings on how the roles of learning and importance has an impact, as well as personal, professional, and educational goals for the future. This segment will also include any programs, professional organizations, conferences or degrees that may be needed to further a professional career.
In my past I have been successful in starting and running my organizations, I have also been a co-owner in other establishments that were successful, but suffered life hiccups. In 2010 after my son was born, I decided to a degree, unsure of where I was going to go with one, or what I was going to do, I knew it was time. Throughout the process of signing up and attending the first workshops, I understood the priorities I was adding into my daily schedule. With a busy schedule, I was not sure how I was going to do this, but it had to be done because stopping is not an option for me. Over the years through job related and personal experiences my level of problem-solving competence has always been at the executive level. Communication whether written or oral will always be important and a priority in any professional or personal life.
Research of resources and information has always been at the top of my skills, without the correct information we are not able to make informed choices, which could set an individual back quite some time. As I reflect back to the beginning, I am not sure what my career goals were other than technology is the way to go. But in order to get to where I want to be my education map will take planning, so in the first year knowing that developing my educational career path is essential Psychology became the first important role. I chose this route because it is important to understand how others communicate, and how to listen to what is being said by an individual.
Throughout the four years of earning an associate’s and a bachelor’s degree, it has been proven time and time again how significant and relevant clear, precise written and oral communication is. Tone is also a form of communication, which should always be conducted in a professional manner. Too many individuals can read hostility into many situations, and there is not any room or time for misunderstandings due to tone or assumptions in the professional world. I believe that each of my courses I evaluated each team player’s abilities to do the job they were assigned to do, often finding that they needed encouragement to stay on the right track. Any business would benefit from an individual going through a business ethics and legal course, or a technology course and a critical thinking course.
I was able to attend three critical thinking courses, a few technology courses, and a professional, ethical, and legal issues in human services course. It is hard to narrow down the list of which two courses had the greatest effect on my current employment, I believe each and every one of my courses are beneficial to my learning and professional life. It is hard to just choose two general and two core courses, which have the greatest effect are: COM/156 UNIVERSITY COMPOSITION AND COMMUNICATION II, HUM/111