Essay about Academic Degree and Physical Therapist

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8. Make a list of as many different ways of finding out about health matters as you can.
-communities or regions
-Shared funding
-In schools
-Services in groups
b) What are some of the issues to consider in deciding whether to believe that information is accurate?
Some issues can occur like the cost of private services, thus most are not covered under OHIP.

9. a) Who is the audience for this notice?
The audience for this short presentation about nutrition is a group of people my age, and the other group is five-year-olds in kindergarten class.
b) What is the purpose of this notice?
The purpose for this presentation is the importance of eating healthy foods rather than candy and chips, in kindergarten. The older group is to let them know about energy and vitamin requirements for their specific age.
c) How would you describe the tone of this notice?
For the kindergartens, you would use simpler vocabulary when speaking to the children. You would use shorter sentences, and stop more often to give them time to think about what you inform them. Also, give them relative examples they like (eg. Tv shows, toys, games, etc…). Talking to people in your own age, you’ll expect them to have a background knowledge about nutrition. Explain them the presentation more explicitly with complicated things like vitamin requirements. The tone would be more lower and straight-forward.


12. Research one of the Health-care occupations listed below under “List of Health-Care Occupations to Research.”
Topic: Physical therapist
a) A brief job description
Physical therapist are health care professionals who are able to diagnose and treat individuals of all ages (from newborns to the very oldest), who have medical problems or other health-related conditions that reduces their abilities to