Academic Dishonesty and Assignment Essay

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Assignment cover sheet

Note: (1) The attention of students is drawn to: the Academic Regulations, the Academic Honesty Policy and the Assessment Policy, all of which are accessible via (2) A de-identified copy of your assignment may be retained for University quality (audit) processes, benchmarking or moderation.

|Student ID Number/s: |Student Surname/s: |Given names: |
|S00141848 |Kang |Kultej Singh |
| | | |
|Course: Bachelor Of Nursing |School: Australian Catholic University |
|Unit code: HLSC210 |Unit title: Mental Health and Illness |
|Due date: 09/04/2013 |Date submitted: 08/04/2013 |
|Lecturer-in-Charge: Richard Tylor |Tutorial Group/Tutor: |
|Assignment Title and/or number: Assignment 1 |


By submitting this assignment for assessment, I acknowledge and agree that:
1. this assignment is submitted in accordance with the University’s Academic Regulations, Assessment Policy and the Academic Honesty Policy. I also understand the serious nature of academic dishonesty (such as plagiarism) and the penalties attached to being found guilty of committing such offences.
2. no part of any assessment item has been copied from any other source without acknowledgement of the source.
3. no part of this assignment has been written by any other person, except to the extent of collaboration and/or group work as