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University of Texas at Tyler
Department of Social Science
CRIJ 3320: Criminology
Fall 2012


Dr. John W. Clark III




BUS 236

Office Hours:

T/R 10:45-11:30
T/R 5:45-6:00
Students may also schedule an appointment.



Siegal, Larry (2011) Criminology: The Core. 4th edition. Cengage: Belmont, CA.

Class Meetings:

T/R 8:00-9:15

Catalogue Course Description:

An examination of theoretical explanations of offenses and societal reactions. Also considers Models of treatment, the nature and extent of crime and control of crime.

Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, each student must demonstrate an understanding of the following:

Concepts of crime and law: including crime and criminology, nature and extent of crime and victims.

Theories of crime causation: including theories such as choice, trait, social structure, social process, social conflict and developmental.

Typologies: including crimes of violence as well as white collar and corporate crime.

Course Evaluation:

There will be three (3) exams in this course. There will also be a research paper. Please see breakdown below:

Exam I 20%
Exam II 30%
Exam III 30%
Paper 20%
Total 100%

**Important, students missing an exam for a valid reason will be allowed to make-up the exam during the last week of classes (no early exceptions).


Expect multiple-choice.


Students will complete a research paper. Here, you will identify a real world crime (search your local news or CNN, MSNBC, FOX etc...) and develop an integrated theory (multiple theories) as to why the individual committed the crime.

You will be graded primarily on your depth of analysis (how you apply your theories). Also, be sure to use good grammar. Points will be deducted for poor or awkward sentences. Use paragraph transitions as well. What exactly should this essay incorporate?

1. Title page includes your name, CRIJ 3320, date, and title of paper (does not count as a page).
2. Brief introduction of your crime i.e. case (1 page).
3. The defendant and his or her background (1 page).
4. Seven theories that attempt to explain "why" (7 pages). You must identify the authors of your theories.
5. Conclusion (1/2 page).
6. References (1/2 page).

*Your essay should be 10 double spaced pages.
*Use Times New Roman with a font size of 12 and one inch margins.
*You must use ten references.
*You references and citations must be in APA format. If you are unaccustomed to APA, please purchase the APA manual 5th or 6th edition.
* You may treat your textbook as one source, the internet as two sources, and academic journals as the remaining sources.
*Worth 100 points (20% of your total grade).
*Paper due: ?

Class Procedure:

All students are required to read the assigned chapters before class.

Academic Policies:

Grade Replacement (Grade Forgiveness):

A student repeating this course for grade replacement must file an “Intent to Receive Grade Forgiveness Form” with the Registrar by the 12th class day of the semester. Failure to file such an intent to use grade forgiveness will result in both the original and the repeated grade being used to calculate one’s overall grade point average. As an undergraduate, a student will receive grade forgiveness (grade replacement) for only three course repeats during his or her career at UT Tyler; as a graduate student, only two. (UTT Catalog 2010-2012)

Grade of Incomplete:

The grade of Incomplete (I) may be granted only to students who, under extenuating circumstances, are unable to complete all course requirements by the end of the term in which the course is presented (see University Catalog, 2010-2012). A formal application to the instructor is required. The term “extenuating circumstances” implies prolonged adverse situations totally beyond the