Academic Dishonesty and Charging Letter Essay

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Consequences at University of Phoenix
There are many consequences when a student is caught for any sort of academic dishonesty. At the University of Phoenix if a student is caught, they face various types of penalties. According to the Student Code of Conduct, “A student who is charged with a violation of the Student Code of Conduct shall be notified of the specific charge(s) in writing by a Charging Letter sent via Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested, or comparable means, and shall be given ten (10) days to submit a written response to the designated University official”(University of Phoenix, 2009). The student code of conduct gives examples of academic dishonesty. If a student is caught violating any of these examples, they will get a Charging Letter. Upon receiving the Charging letter the student has ten days to submit a response. Consequently, if a violation is found against the student the consequences will be decided. According to the Student Code of Conduct (2009), ““If a violation is found, disciplinary sanctions shall be based on the seriousness of the situation and may include, but are not limited to, documented counseling by a University staff member, loss of academic credit, action plan (must be approved by the Office of Dispute Management), suspension and/or expulsion” (University of Phoenix, 2009). A student found guilty of academic dishonesty can be suspended, expelled, or lose the academic credit for that course.

Consequences outside of University of Phoenix
Schools other than University of Phoenix also have very strict rules when it comes to academic dishonesty. According to University Writer, an