Academic Honesty - 6 Essay

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Ensuring Academic Honesty

Appendix E
This article is titled, “Honesty and Heroes”, and it discusses the topic of academic honesty. In this article you will read how the author compares honest students as heroes versus the students who cheat. I believe this article encourages more people to stay honest because it shows how powerful and strong you can be if you are honest.
The keyword search that I chose to use to find this article is Academic honesty AND School.
I chose this article over others because I liked the comparison. I like how this article shines light on dishonest students. This way they reach the audiences of dishonest students as well. What this article also provides is pictures of research that was conducted to compare the number of dishonest students versus those who were honest. What the authors were comparing were those dishonest and honest that would feel guilt if they were cheating. Also I chose this article because I like how the author describes honest students as heroes because they are strong enough to provide and do their own work.

Staats, S. M. (2008). Honesty and Heroes: A Positive Psychology View of Heroism and Academic Honesty. Journal Of Psychology,142(4), 357.

This next article is titled, “The Student Error”, and it discusses people’s assumptions of school and why we seek education. They also discuss how academic honesty is beneficial and how dishonesty is wrong. That comparison relates to a way to get through to those students who