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Academic Integrity 1

Academic Integrity
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Academic Integrity 2

Why Cheat & How do we Prevent it

Studies consistently reveal that at least half of college students admit to cheating at some time in their academic careers (angell, 2006, Roig & Caso, 2005: Whitley, 1998).Some researchers have found even higher rates, including self-report evidence that 80% or more students cheat in college. (Cochran, Chamlin, Wood, & Sellers The Most common form of cheating is plagiarism .Here we find two types of cheats those who do it intentionally and those who do it unintentionally.

Academic Integrity 3


Studies have demonstrated that a large proportion of college students are not informed about the principles of properly quoting and citing others work (Roig, 1997, 1999). I know for myself that I did learn and was not taught how to do so in high school nor in my first year of college being that I was a physical education major writing papers were not a major requirement in my freshman year. So I never learned about quoting, citing or even how to do research for a paper. Which can be another source of plagiarism or just producing poor quality papers? Some students can do research using non-credible sources and quote information from these sources at face value and lead people astray. A paper written by Cullen J Chandler and Alison S Gregory called Sleeping with the Enemy: Wikipedia in the classroom. They did a study on Wikipedia a free online encyclopedia written by people with no qualifying credentials that college students were using for research. This paper taught students the importance of using qualified sources for research and not to take any information at face value.

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A Strategy to Reduce Plagiarism in a Undergraduate course written by Ronald W Belter & Athena du Pre showed that they could prevent plagiarism and misconduct by educating the students ahead of time and decreased the amount of cheating done in college. They also increased the quality of